AED Fundraiser July 23rd-24th

It happens in a split second: A person collapses – the victim at sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) – and the clock starts ticking. The race is on to restore a normal rhythm to the heart as quickly as possible.

The victim’s best chance at survival depends on a rescuer with an automated external defibrillator (AED), who can perform CPR until emergency personnel arrive. Every second matters, so it is important AEDs to be readily accessible in all public places.

You can help make that happen by raising funds to purchase and install an AED at Mitchelstown Tennis Club for use by the entire community.

Your efforts just might help save a life. DONATE NOW!


Our fundraising goal is €1,600, which covers purchase of the AED and cabinet. All funds raised will go towards purchase of a suitable defibrillator and appropriate secure external cabinet. The cabinet is to be placed on club grounds in an area accessible both to court users but also the public such that it can be used by the local community in the event of an emergency.

This AED is the same as that used by the HSE as part of their Intermediate Care Ambulance network as well as the Irish Defence Forces. Crucially for Irish weather we will protect the investment with a heated external cabinet which will be mains driven such that the unit can be stored externally at extreme temperatures.


The 24 Hour Marathon kicks off at 6pm on Fri July 23rd, with our regular Friday 10+ Advanced Smashers taking to the court to get the fundraising going. On Saturday 24th our next Smashers crew will take to the court for their regular mornings tennis at 11am.

Members: This gives 22 available time slots throughout the 24 hours for members to purchase. Please enter your playing partner(s) in the checkout notes. Your court booking will be made for you at your purchased time. Remember, you are purchasing 1 hour of court time for €40. You may want to recover a portion of that cost/donation from your playing partner(s) if you wish.

Non-Members: Please donate to either of the kids “Smashers” hours at Fri 6pm or Sat 11am!