Kerrygold Park Mitchelstown Open Week 2021

BIG ANNOUNCEMENTWe are delighted to announce that this year we will be hosting an Open Week Tournament. The tournament will run from 4th to 12th September and will be an annual event thereafter. Entry is now open on tournament software. More

AED Fundraiser July 23rd-24th

It happens in a split second: A person collapses – the victim at sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) – and the clock starts ticking. The race is on to restore a normal rhythm to the heart as quickly as possible.The victim’s best chance at survival depends on a rescuer with an automated external defibrillator (AED), who ... More

Summer Camp August 2021

Guess what's back? Back again... Summer Camp's back. Tell your friends. More

Adult Coaching – May 18th & 20th

We are delighted to once again be able to offer adult group coaching with our head coach Paul Fitzgerald as part of our adult tennis programme. We are offering a 6-week course with something to suit players of all levels at a cost of €55 (excludes membership fees) starting Tues 18th & Thurs 20th of May.Places are ... More

Junior Tennis is back for 2021

Tennis Junior Coaching starts Tues 11th & Thurs 13th May for six weeks at times below: 3pm – 5 & 6 year olds 4pm – 7 to 9 year olds 5pm – 10+ year oldsBuy online here.Apart from professional coaching, we also offer volunteer-led "fun tennis" sessions every weekend from Mid-May to October on ... More

Temporary Court Booking Changes

We re-open on April 26th, meaning court bookings are officially OPEN! We allow bookings 10 days in advance, so get booking!Some temporary rule changes apply effective immediately in relation to booking courts. Full details at this link, but summary below compared to "normal" circumstances:Entry continues for now ... More

10% Reopening Sale

As we prepare for reopening on Monday April 26th it's time to make some membership fee announcements, particularly as the 2021 season technically started April 1st!The plan in 2019, with a view of bringing membership rates on par with the new clubhouse and associated facilities, was to increase membership rates. We ... More

Kerrygold Park sponsorship deal a huge boost

We've partnered with KerryGold Park to help continue delivery of our key services and best position the club for continued success. Kerrygold Park is now well established in Mitchelstown at their butter manufacturing facility, producing household brand products for the past 5 years.Mitchelstown Tennis ... More

Notice of AGM Friday January 24th 2021

Members are invited to attend our Annual General Meeting which is scheduled for Sunday the 24th of January, 2021 on Zoom at 19:00. Zoom link will be shared directly with members.Please review and complete the committee nomination form at this link. More

Notice of EGM – Fri 13th Dec

AgendaConstitution amendmentsPlease download the full details of the proposed amendments via this link. More