Useful Information for Members

Welcome to Mitchelstown Tennis Club and thank you for joining. This page provides information for those who are new to the club and as a useful reminder to all members.

Access to Courts & Clubhouse

The courts and clubhouse are open daily from 7am to 10pm. The clubhouse can be accessed using a PIN code. Access to the courts is though the clubhouse (the gate to the right of the clubhouse is for maintenance use only). The courts and club facilities are for members (and their guests) only. Please do not share this PIN code with anyone.

If you have not received the PIN number please contact us by phone or email.


WhatsApp is our primary method of communication to members. There are 2 official club WhatsApp groups – 1 for Adult tennis news and 1 for Junior tennis news. Messages are kept to a minimum and only club admins can send messages so you will not be bombarded with messages & chatter. You should have been added to the relevant WhatsApp group upon joining but in case you are not getting our messages contact us by phone or email and we will add you.

From time to time we might create new smaller temporary groups such as for coaching groups or for teams etc.

We also use this website and Facebook to share information to a wider group outside of just club members.

 Court Bookings

All court bookings are made on-line using the your courts system. Click on the following link to create your account –

The following basic booking rules apply:

  • You must book a court every time that you play
  • Court can be booked up to 7 days in advance
  • A min of 2 names is required to book a court
  • All players names must be on the booking
  • During peak hours you may only play once per day and 3 times per week
  • You can play as often as you like outside of peak hours
  • Juniors cannot book, it must be booked by a parent/guardian who must also be there to supervise when playing
  • Club events take booking precedence
  • For full information on our booking system please see the following page:


All courts are floodlit. The lights work off a token operated meter and cost €1 for 10 minutes. The meters are located on your right hand as you exit the clubhouse towards the courts.

Do not put bent, damaged coins or anything other than the proper tokens into the meter. It will not work, and it may get stuck rendering the meter unusable for everyone!

Warning – once the lights go off they take 15 mins to cool down and will not come on again during this time. The meter will register your token but the lights won’t come on until they have cooled down.


You can purchase balls online from our webshop (click & collect only; you will get an email notifying you when/where they are ready for collection) or from 2 Shoes on Upper Cork Street.

The standard tennis balls used in the club are Tretorn Plus and Wilson US Opens. From time to time other options may be available to buy also.

Entering Club Events

Entering all club events is done online either though yourcourts, tournament software or our website. If there is a charge for an event online payments only are accepted.

This includes coaching, club nights, tournaments, teams etc.

 Meeting other players and getting games

The club organises many events throughout the year such as Club Nights (social tennis, Friday nights from 8pm), Group coaching, Club Tournaments and Ladders, and our Annual Open Tournament. These are all a great way to meet other players and you can then arrange games between yourselves.

Our court booking system has a function to help you find games called “Find a match”. You will need to complete your find a match profile under my profile section of the system to use this.

If you are still finding nobody to play with, drop a message to the club phone and we will organise a couple of games for you to get you started.

We will do as much as we can to ensure that you get the most out of your membership but you have to put yourself out there a bit too. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to other players around the club and ask for games. We are a very friendly bunch and most of us would be delighted to have someone new to play with!

Responsibilities as a member

Members are required to familiarise themselves with the rules of the club and adhere to them at all times. These rules are framed in the spirit of promoting an ethos of respect and high standards of etiquette from all members. You can find a copy of the club rules here.

You are responsible for closing the door to the club house and the gates and for seeing to it that the premises are secure and clear of any litter or debris before leaving the club.

Take the initiative to deal with any minor problems (e.g. picking up litter, securing any lost property you find, closing doors/gates left open by others) and reporting any issues to the committee.

Parents are responsible for the behaviour and safety of their children while on the premises. Junior members must be always supervised when in the club.

The entire objective of playing tennis, aside from being good aerobic exercise, is to have fun and enjoy yourself whenever you play.


You are welcome to bring guests with you to play but a “Green Fee” must be paid. This can be paid online through our webshop. The fee is €5 per court per hour.

Guests are welcome to come and watch at no charge.

 Basic Guide to Tennis

The following is everything you need to know to get you started playing tennis

(We have no affiliation to this website but found it to be a very useful resource for people new to the sport)

Club Contact Details

Club Phone         083 058 3923


Our Team          See here for the current committee, coaches,  president etc. etc.

Please do not hesitate to contact the club or any a member of the committee if you need assistance or any further information.