Privacy Policy

Mitchelstown Lawn Tennis Club (“The Club”) is collecting this personal information from members for the following reasons:

  1. to ensure that The Club member has paid annual fees, or that the person partaking in club events has paid the required fees
  2. to enable The Club to monitor tennis activity levels and share figures with Tennis Ireland (Governing Body) and this will be retained for 7 years
  3. to highlight to members that member names and achievements may be contained in committee reports & AGM reports & Club noticeboard/e-zine/website/social media and these will be retained forever.
  4. to advise members that personal information may be shared in a child safeguarding issue (to be retained for 7 years) or disciplinary issue (to be retained for 6 years from the end of the complaint) with relevant bodies including e.g. Garda, ISPCC, Tennis Ireland.
  5. to advise members if they put themselves forward for team selection their name, gender, contact details, and results will be used for selection purposes by the Club Selection Committee and will be retained for 1 year.
  6. to advise members that if selected for a league team, Tennis Ireland or Branch squad and/or Team their name and contact details will be shared with the league, squad or team organisers
  7. to advise members and any persons partaking in club events that names, results and/or key achievements, including photographs, may be included on printed or online material to promote the Club
  8. to inform members that personal information collected may be on online systems until 7 years after those respective contract end
  9. to inform members that printed membership forms may be retained by the Club for 7 years
  10. advise members that Club Committee Post Holders and Safeguarding Officer names, telephone number and email address may be shared with Tennis Ireland in the annual Club Declaration Form and this will be retained for 7 years.