Kerrygold Park Mitchelstown Open Week 2021

We are delighted to announce that this year we will be hosting an Open Week Tournament. The tournament will run from 4th to 12th September and will be an annual event thereafter. Entry is now open on tournament software.
New to playing an Open? Check out our FAQ below
  • What is an open?
    An open is a sanctioned tournament by Tennis Ireland in which ranking points are available to win.
  • Are all opens the same?
    No, opens are categorised in the following way:
    Tennis Ireland Tour National (1500)
    Tennis Ireland Tour 1000
    Tennis Ireland Tour 500
    Tennis Ireland Tour 250
    Tennis Ireland Tour 100

    Higher Tour Levels have more ranking points available to win.

  • Do I have to be graded to enter an open?
    Yes, you have to be graded by a registered Tennis Ireland coach in order to enter an open.
  • Do I need a Tennis Ireland Pin?
    Yes, all players who wish to compete in a Tennis Ireland sanctioned tournament are required to have a Tennis Ireland Pin (TI Pin). Players without TI Pins will not receive any ranking points.
  • How do I get a Tennis Ireland Pin?
    Registration for a Tennis Ireland Pin can be done on the Tennis Ireland Tournament Site by clicking on the sign-up option.
  • What are ranking points?
    Ranking points are the only way a player is able to move up from their assigned grade.

    All players entering Tennis Ireland sanctioned open tournaments are eligible for ranking points depending on the round they reach and the Category of the Tournament.
    Players who do not win a match will not be awarded ranking points.

    Eg. A player receives a Bye into the Quarter Final and then loses, they will not receive any points.

    Players without TI Pins will not receive ranking points.

    Players will be ranked on THEIR BEST SIX tournaments (players will appear on the ranking after receiving points from one tournament). Only points accumulated in the most recent 52 weeks will count towards a player’s ranking. After 52 weeks the points will drop off. You may be ranked within multiple levels and across singles, doubles and mixed.

  • How do I get ranking points?
    Players only gain ranking points by winning matches within sanctioned open tournaments.
  • Can I enter any grade?
    No, you cannot enter any grade above your assigned grade. However, you may enter any grade bellow your assigned grade.

    Example: If a player is assigned to grade 3, they are allowed to enter grades 1,2 & 3, but are not permitted to enter grades 4,5, & 6.

  • Do myself and my doubles partner have to enter separately?
    Yes, both yourself and your doubles partners have to enter separately. In addition, you have to enter your doubles partners name and their Tennis Ireland Pin.
  • Should I do anything else before entering an open?
    Read the tournament regulations (Conditions of Entry) before entering. Regulations are attached on the tournament overview page on the Tennis Ireland Tournament Site.
  • Where can I get additional information?
    For any additional information head over to