Meet & Greet and Information Night

We are holding a “meet and greet” and information night on Thursday 30th June from 7-8pm (or longer if needed ☺️). All are welcome.

We aim to cover things like:

  • how to get graded
  • How to navigate Tournament Software, enter competitions and check the calendar for upcoming tournaments
  • the difference between entering Opens yourself and entering Club (team) competitions whereby you’re selected by MLTC (Summer Cup / Winter League etc)
  • What to do if you’re made Captain of a team
  • Rules of different tournaments
  • How to use the Yourcourts booking system to book courts
  • Court etiquette
  • And any other questions,that people would like us to answer.

Hope to see lots of you there 😃 especially those of you that are newer to the club and want to know who’s who and what’s what 😃