Kerrygold Park Mitchelstown Open Week 2023

The Kerrygold Park Mitchelstown Senior Open returns for 2023.
This years tournament will run from 2nd to 9th September.
The opening date for entries is 6pm Thursday 10th August.
Entry is online only. Search “Kerrygold” at
The Committee & Members of Mitchelstown Tennis Club sincerely thank Kerrygold Park for their generous sponsorship.
New to playing an Open? Check out our FAQ below


  • What is an open?
    An open is a sanctioned tournament by Tennis Ireland which is open to everyone, not just club members. Players will come from clubs all over to play. 
  • Are all opens the same?
    No, the grades and events will differ from one Tournament to the next. Bigger clubs with more courts will normally have Singles, Doubles and Mixed whilst smaller clubs (like ourselves) usually have doubles only and may not have all grades. Our Open will be Doubles & Mixed doubles in all grades from 1 to 6. Opens are run in a knockout format except in some very rare occasions. 
  • Who will I be playing?
    All opens are graded so your will only be playing against people in your own grade.
  • How do I know what grade to enter?
    You can enter your own grade or above.

    If your partner is a higher grade than you then you must enter that grade e.g. if your partner is grade 5 and you are grade 6 then you must enter grade 5.

    If you don’t have a grade the you will need to be graded by a registered Tennis Ireland coach in order to enter an open. Your club will be able to arrange this for you.

  • For Doubles, do I have to have my own partner?
    Generally yes however some tournaments may be able to find a partner for you. If this is the case, there will be an option to select “Partner Required” when you are entering.
  • Do myself and my doubles partner have to enter separately?
    Yes, both yourself and your doubles partners have to enter separately. In addition, you have to enter your doubles partners name and their Tennis Ireland Pin.
  • How do I know when I am playing?
    The draws and match schedule are published in advance on Tournament Software. You will not receive any phone calls, texts or emails telling you when you are playing. It is your own responsibility to check the schedule regularly and know when you are playing.

    Depending on the number of people entered you could be playing up to 5 times during the week. If you have entered more than 1 event you may have to play several matches on the same day.

    Be aware that matches will start earlier and finish later than you would probably normally play always double check if the scheduled time is AM or PM!

  • I am not available on certain days, can i still enter?
    Each tournament has their own rules and regulations regarding unavailability. These can be found on tournament software. Read them carefully before entering to ensure you can comply with them. If you cant then dont enter, there will be another one the week after! Open tournaments have hundreds of matches to schedule for hundreds of players. You can ask but don’t expect them to adjust their schedule to cater for your needs!
  • Should I do anything else before entering an open?
    Read the tournament regulations (Conditions of Entry) before entering. Regulations are attached on the tournament overview page on the Tournament Software Site (