Winter League 17/18 – Entries by Oct 12th

Members who wish to act as team captain and register their team for this seasons Winter League are invited to contact the club listing the

  • Event (Grade)
  • Team Type (Mixed/Ladies/Doubles)
  • Captain contact number and email details

The format of the graded teams are as follows:

Grade # Mixed Doubles Ladies Doubles Mens Doubles
1 X
2 X
3 X X X
4 X X X
5 X X X
6 X X X

Members are encouraged to understand fully the Winter League Rules 2017/2018.

Teams will be entered in line with the latest Team Selection Policy which members should refer to when entering competitions.

Closing date for receipt of teams with associated fees is Oct 12th, which can be emailed to, with funds/hardcopy forms dropped into the Pay4Play box in the clubhouse.


Note that Munster Branch wish to draw your attention to the following rules:

Rule 3.1 re Affiliation

Only Clubs and Bodies who are Members of Tennis Ireland may enter this competition. Any club entering the competition must have paid all Affiliation fees, Player Capitation fees and Tournament Capitation fees (where applicable) in respect of all years up to December 31st of the year immediately preceding the year in which this competition commences.

Any club entering this competition must have paid all Affiliation fees in respect of the current year.

Rule 5.3 re Postponements

A postponement of a fixture can only be granted by the Competitions Committee. The Competitions Committee may permit a postponement in very exceptional circumstances.

Any Club taking a postponement without permission may be disqualified from the Competition.

Rule 5.5 re Walkovers

A team who gives a walk-over in the league section of the event will automatically be disqualified. All scores from previous matches in which they were involved will be disregarded for the league section of the event.  In addition a fine to be decided by the Competitions Committee will be imposed on the Club represented by the team in question.

Rule 5.8 re Facilities

The Home club shall have basic toilet and shower facilities available at the venue. Any legitimate complaints in regard to facilities will result in loss of ‘Home’ advantage for future matches. Clubs without such facilities may enter the competition but all of their matches must be played at the clubs against whom they are drawn.