Temporary Court Booking Changes

We re-open on April 26th, meaning court bookings are officially OPEN! We allow bookings 10 days in advance, so get booking!

Some temporary rule changes apply effective immediately in relation to booking courts. Full details at this link, but summary below compared to “normal” circumstances:

  • Entry continues for now via the small gate at the south side.
  • Clubhouse is closed. Toilets open for emergency use only.
  • Singles & Household Doubles Only.
  • Bookings open from 7:00 AM until 10:00 PM Mon-Sun.
  • Peak Hours are now
    • Mon-Fri 6pm-9pm
  • During Peak Hours
    • 1 booking (reservation holder or participant) per day
    • 2 bookings (reservation holder or participant) per week
  • Maximum Booking Time at any time
    • 1 Hour
      • You can stay on longer if the next slot is unreserved, but please give way to reservations

Why are we making these changes? We feel these are needed to provide more opportunity for court time across our member base during this temporary period of predominantly singles-based play. This situation will be under regular review and we will amend where required.

Our FAQ can help answer some of the more common questions.

Keep tuned for some exciting news on our new court light booking system! All will be revealed in the coming days.