South Tippeary League 2017 – Entries by 19TH MAY 2017

Please note South Tipperary League have highlighted the following :

We would ask that each club goes through the rules to ensure familiarity and we would draw your attention in particular to the following rules ;

  1. All matches to be played on or before date given, points deducted otherwise
  2. One score sheet to be filled out & signed by both teams, returned within 24
  3. Home captains have responsibility to submit scores

Upon entering a team, Captains must immediately make contact with the Club Committee (089-2293802) regarding booking of courts over the South Tipp League period. Teams do not have priority over other court users, but every assistance will be given to teams to forward-

Members are encouraged to understand fully the rules South Tipp League 2017.

Each Team shall consist of 4 players, 2 men and 2 women. You should allow for 1 male and 1 female sub in your team panel.

Closing date for receipt of teams with associated fees (€40 per Adult Team, €5 discount per Junior player) is May 19th, which can be left in the “Pay for Play” box in the clubhouse, or with any committee member.

Teams will be entered in line with the latest Team Selection Policy which members should refer to when entering competitions.

For all team based club competitions, the club promotes the below Team Selection Policy. If you are interested in representing Mitchelstown Tennis Club please note the below summary of the policy document:

• The Club will promote and facilitate the distribution of competition rules and entry forms.

• Fully paid up club members (ex Pavilion members) may submit their own team formations to the Club.

• A team entry must identify the team captain name and contact details.

• The team entry must accompany the competition fees.

• The team will pay €10 for lights when matches are played at home, to be deposited in the “Pay 4 Play” box.

• The Club will enter the team details and competition fees on behalf of that team.

• The Club will forward competition match draw and fixture dates to the nominated team captains.

If you are unable to form a team and would like to play in club team competition, please contact the committee (089-2293802) and we will do our best to help.