Junior Weekend Smashers Launched

We are kicking off our lesson-plan based “Weekend Smashers” Program for Juniors commencing Saturday July 25th 2020 and Sunday 26th 2020. This a free service but is open to members-only and places must be booked in advance on our online booking system.

We are running two mornings – Saturday and Sundays.

  • Saturday morning
    • 10.30am – 11.30am (ages 4 to 9yrs)
  • Sunday morning
    • 10am- 11am (ages 7-9yrs)
    • 11am – 12pm (ages 10+)

The aim is to provide an enriching, inclusive and welcoming environment, full of fun, where children can play tennis and enjoy the game in a safe place. Tennis benefits for Juniors include:

  • A sport for life.
  • A family sport – kids can play against siblings and parents.
  • A sport enjoyed equally by girls and boys.
  • One of the healthiest, least injurious sports for kids
  • Excellent for balance, speed, agility and coordination skills.
  • A sport that builds self confidence and discipline.
  • A lot of fun!

In launching this programme, we are taking account of current guidelines for tennis clubs in relation to Covid-19. Key aspects of these guidelines relate to the maintenance of social distance, hygiene and sanitation, and the maintenance of relevant details of all visits to the club. As such we have to modify our program as compared to previous years as our primary concern is to safeguard the health and safety of our members. We will continue to review and revise our program, as appropriate, as Covid-19 guidelines evolve.

Children are fully supervised and parents attendance is welcomed. Parents are asked to give us a hand, and this year with documented lesson plans in hand it couldn’t be simpler!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact the following:

Liz Cotter

Female Junior Officer & Designated Liaison: Liz Cotter

Aidan McNamara

Male Junior Officer: Aidan McNamara

Club phone: 083 0583923