COVID-19 Return to Play Phase 1 Guidelines

Effective May 12th, 2020 and until further notice, the COVID-19 Protocols listed below supersede associated rules contained elsewhere within the Club Rules document found on our website. We urge all members to read and become familiar with the Tennis Ireland COVID Guidelines.

To permit Tennis to be played in a safe manner for all members during Phase 1 (expected to last until June 8), the following points must be adhered to by all members.

  • Be a current 2020/2021 member
  • Have a pre-reserved booking.
  • Not have been out of the country in the 14 days prior to court use.
  • Not have been around someone with symptoms of COVID-19 in the 14 days prior to court use.
  • Not be in a period of self-isolation and / or cocooning under the current Health Policy Rules.
  • Not to be displaying Covid-19 symptoms.
  • Live within 5km radius of the club.
  • Play should be limited to singles only during this phase of the reopening.
    • The only exception for doubles is if playing partners are from the same household.
  • All players, and not just the player making the booking, should be included in the booking notes. If there is a change to who is playing, it is advisable to make sure the booking is updated.
  • A parent/guardian must accompany any player under 18 years old.

The following alterations to normal Club practices are effective immediately and until further notice:

  • Online Court Bookings will be reviewed and approved by the committee prior to use.
  • Access to the court light controls will be removed, therefore no court lights will be available.
  • No toilet facilities will be available.
  • Club waste bins will be removed therefore members must bring all personal waste away from club grounds for disposal.
  • Front gate shall remain open for contactless entry and exit.
  • Existing members will be contacted to confirm acceptance of the updated set of Club Rules dated 12th May 2020 which is designed to incorporate all relevant Tennis Ireland COVID-19 instructions. New members are reminded that acceptance of Club Rules, which now include the above COVID-19 alterations, is mandatory.

Repeat recorded breaches of Club Rules by a member, including the relevant incorporated COVID-19 protocols, may result in sanctions against the person involved, and worse still, mean closing the Club for all members until a later date.

Repeat recorded incidents of non-members using Club facilities may result in closing of the Club until a later date. It is critical that all court users are contactable to facilitate contract tracing, therefore we must stress that the courts are to be used by members only.

Please contact the club with any questions or comments on 083 058 3923 or at