Coaching & Team Selection Policy

For all team based club competitions, the club promotes the below Coaching & Team Selection Policy. If you are interested in representing Mitchelstown Tennis Club please note the below summary of the policy document:

  1. All eligible members are asked and encouraged to play in a team.
  2. Members wishing to play are required to advise their availability and confirm whether they wish to be considered as a:
    1. Full Player – commits to playing the majority of matches.
    2. Substitute Player – wishes to play occasionally if required.
  3. Members may be required to attend at least one pre-season selection evening.
  4. A ranked list of players is produced by the Executive Committee and Head Coach based on:
    1. Availability to play the majority of matches.
    2. Assessment of player ability.
    3. Previous internal/external club competitive experience and results.
    4. Fitness to play i.e. free from injury.
  5. Once players have been ranked, players are assigned to teams by the Executive Committee based on their ranking.

Last Updated: July 15th 2020.