[EXTENDED] 2020 Price Freeze


Our base membership prices have not changed since 2015, the only increase being inclusion of the mandatory Tennis Ireland Capitation Fees in 2017. In five years we’ve seen basic utility rates and insurance rise – but crucially we will soon have a clubhouse of the highest quality that’s environmentally sustainable and offers a superb platform for future growth.

Rather than continually chase members (and the public) for numerous fundraising events throughout the year, our approach is to try achieve similar fundraising goals via a modest membership rate increase, and focus on providing more tennis activities and events, as well as our very first Munster Branch graded open this summer.

That said, we want to give our loyal members (and potential newcomers) an opportunity to lock in the 2019 rates for one more year by means of thanks for all your support in helping us get this far!

This offer is only available to online purchases.