COVID-19 Coaching Screening Form

Coaching Name: September 6 Week Coaching

Coaching Date: Each Tuesday & Thursday for 6 Weeks from 8th & 10th September.

Those wishing to attend Mitchelstown Lawn Tennis Club Coaching are required to complete this self-report screening form as a pre-condition to authorized participation. Please complete the form fully in advance of attending the coaching session.

Please list childrens names attending coaching, if appicable
Please enter the date when you or your child are next due to attend a coaching session.
If Yes, you should avoid contact with any other users for 14 days from time of return. If you are symptom free for 14 days you may return to the club.

By completing this form, I accept and support the measures by Mitchelstown Lawn Tennis Club as a means to try and prevent the spread of COVID-19 among players and support personnel.

I have completed this form truthfully and accept willingly that as a result of my responses above that Mitchelstown Lawn Tennis Club, in accordance with its current procedures, may deny me entry to the Club for a period of time.

Further to the outbreak of COVID -9 (Coronavirus), Mitchelstown Lawn Tennis Club is adhering to guidance from Tennis Ireland and the Department of Transport Tourism and Sport Expert Group in an effort to contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus and ensuring a safe environment for players and staff.

This screening procedure is one of our measures seeking to identify any potential cases at the earliest opportunity in order to avoid any contacts/spread. The research to date for this novel virus suggests that transmission appears to be during symptomatic phase. Hence identifying those with symptoms and isolating should reduce risk significantly.  In addition, this screening complements our general illness precautions which is to avoid contacts when ill.